What To Buy In Bulk For Small Spaces And Where To Store It?

Buying in bulk is always a wise idea for saving money. But what about the situation after buying that huge stock? Storing bulk buys becomes stressful when you have a small space to live.

People with tiny houses have to organize every corner of their homes carefully. You need to manage each space strategically, be it a living room, pantry, or bedroom.

Bulk buying is beneficial when you are trying to save money on your purchases. You can buy many things in bulk and store them in your tiny house. Here is a list of items you can buy in bulk in small spaces.

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Items to Buy in Bulk

Nuts and Dry Fruits

Nuts and dry fruits are good for you and are packed with essential nutrients. But nuts and dry fruits can be expensive for an ordinary household.

You can get great deals if you buy them in bulk. Many supermarkets and food stores offer significant discounts if you buy them in huge quantities.

Nuts and dry fruits need extra care. It would be best if you stored them in air-tight containers. Moisture can damage them, and they can taste and smell bad in no time. It is best to keep them in lower temperatures. A refrigerator or a freezer is the best place to store nuts and dry fruits if you want them to last longer.

Store them in zip lock bags or air-tight containers and place them in your freezer or refrigerator. They will never spoil if you store them at lower temperatures away from direct sunlight.

Food Staples

Grains, dried beans and lentils, salt, sugar, tea, and spice mixes have a long shelf life. You can get them at the best prices when you purchase them in bulk quantities. Your local farmers may offer them at lower prices than the supermarkets. 

While salt, sugar, and spice mixes do not need much care, grains, dried beans, and lentils need it. Store them in dark and dry places; the containers should be air-tight and bug-proof. Even if you have a small space, a few jars of grains and legumes can be kept in your pantry or kitchen storage.


Edible oils like olive, avocado, and canola oil are good for bulk purchases. They have a very long shelf life, and you can buy big containers that you can stack in your small pantry without much effort.

Cheese and Butter

Though some cheeses go rancid quickly, some can last longer if stored properly. Butter stays pretty good in a deep freezer. It can last for several months in a freezer, and you do not need to buy it in small and pricey quantities often. 

Using cheese papers to wrap and stock your cheese in the refrigerator, you can protect your cheese.

Food Storage Bags

If you love having meal plans, you may need a lot of food storage bags. You can reduce waste by using reusable food storage bags that are eco-friendly. Buying them in bulk will help you save a lot of money.

Storing the storage bag is not a problem because they don’t have an expiration date. You can keep the bags anywhere in your bedroom or kitchen cabinets, which do not occupy ample space.

Tissues, Paper Towels, and Toilet Paper

Tissues, paper towels, and toilet paper are offered at the best prices when you buy them in bulk. They last much longer than food staples. Storing them is not a headache either.

Store them in the lower drawer of your closet or on the bathroom shelf, away from moisture. Consider storing these paper products under your beds.

Pet Food

Branded pet food can be expensive. Buying and storing it in bulk should not be an issue, even if your storage is small. Buy in huge quantities and keep the bags in cool, dry, and dark places; they will stay good.


Pasta is easy to store and does not spoil quickly. If you get a great deal and buy pasta in bulk, store it in air-tight containers and away from moisture. Pasta is not easily perishable; hence, buying it in bulk is the best buy for your small pantry space.


If you want to save money on meat, you can purchase meat in bulk and store it for extended shelf life. Freezing bulk buys of meat will help you save a decent amount of money as you can buy it for lower prices. 

Store the meat in the deep freezer. You can separate large quantities into small batches and use them as needed. It will last longer as you don’t need to thaw a massive amount at a time. You will be thawing only the amount required. 


Dry snacks like chips and trail mix have a good shelf life. You can purchase them in large quantities and store them in your pantry for months. Make sure you buy the right amount so you can eat it within the given expiration period.


Shampoo is one of the most purchased consumer products. Almost all the family members use it. If all of you are using the same shampoo and conditioner, bulk buying can help you save money. The bigger bottles are cost-effective. The manufacturers always offer coupons for personal care items, which can help you get a great deal.

Another way of reducing waste is to refill your shampoo and conditioner bottles. EarthHero lets you fill your shampoo bottles. 

Shampoo and conditioner have a long shelf life. And they are not sensitive to moisture or changing weather. You can store them in cool and dark places to enhance their longevity.

You can pour some shampoo into smaller bottles for regular use and keep the big ones in your storage.

Soaps, deodorants, handwash, and sanitizer are other essential toiletries that can be purchased in bulk and stored for longer. Using vertical cabinets can help you save all the toiletries together without occupying much space.

Clever Ways to Store Bulk Purchases

Once you have decided to go for bulk purchases, you need to find intelligent ways to store them. The items can’t stay lying in your living room or balcony and need proper storage to make them last longer.

Here are some clever ways to store bulk purchases that will help you keep the items without them spoiling and help you organize them in a small space.

Glass Containers

Air-tight glass jars or containers can be your best friend when you want to store your food staples for months. They won’t look cluttered when organized and coordinated carefully. If you select beautifully designed glass containers, you can arrange them on open kitchen shelves.

They will add beauty and life to your food storage plan.

Stash Gift Wrap on a Door

Over-the-door organizers are excellent for storing gift wraps, bags, and tissue papers. They help you save a lot of space and are always handy.  

Use Vertical Storage Cabinets

Vertical storage cabinets can hold many of your stockpiles and help you save space. As mentioned above, vertical cabinets are the best way to store your bulk purchases in a small area. They do not occupy the floor and can be mounted on walls too.

Use Slim Storage Cabinets

Slim storage carts are super helpful when managing a lot of stuff in a small space. These thin carts can fit anywhere in your kitchen, bathroom, or pantry. They can hold things like spice bottles, soaps, and shampoos.

What to Buy in Bulk For an Apartment

If you don’t own a large home and live in an apartment, you must be good at organizational skills. You can buy slim shelves to hold some of your bulk purchases if you have a small kitchen without a separate pantry.

Here are some must-have items that you can purchase in bulk for an apartment:

  • Snacks
  • Toiletries
  • Laundry detergent and cleaning products
  • Hand and surface sanitizers
  • Essential food staples
  • Handwash and body wash
  • Body lotion
  • Baking supplies

Final Thoughts on “What to buy in bulk in small spaces and where to store it?”

Bulk shopping can help you save a lot of money when done right. You will always have your favorite products, save money, and help the environment by using reusable storage options. You won’t have to worry about emergencies as you will have things handy that can last for months.

You need to be prudent with the storage of your bulk purchases, as you can’t keep them just anywhere. A sound storage system will enable you to extend your bulk purchases’ shelf life and help you save money.

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