Organize A Small Bathroom Fast: 19 Ingenious Tips You Never Thought Of

A small bathroom doesn’t mean it needs to be messy and disorganized. You may sometimes feel overwhelmed about how to organize it. Still, when creatively planned, you can maximize the space in a small bathroom and make it look and feel bigger.

People tend to live in small apartments or homes for several reasons. And one of the most prominent reasons is affordability. You might be living a frugal or minimalist life, and small houses or tiny apartments are the way to live a simple life.

Space management is the key to organizing any small space, including your tiny bathroom. Small bathroom organization teaches you everything you need to know about what you actually need and what will just add to the clutter.

How To Organize A Small Bathroom

We need to keep several personal care items in the bathroom. From shampoos to body washes, everything needs a home. You can make the most of your limited space, have a lovely bathroom, and add ample storage.

Even the tiniest of bathrooms have significant storage capacity. Here are some of the best small bathroom storage ideas to help you maximize your space.

Declutter The Bathroom

The first and foremost step of organizing a bathroom is to declutter it. Toss or donate every item not used in the past six months. There could be a few bottles of shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions that have remained unused. Free up your bathroom space from all these items you no longer like or use.

Categorize Items

Once you have tossed the unwanted items and kept the useful ones, separate them into different categories. Make categories from the most essential to the least important. Always keep the things you use the most at lower shelf levels, while the ones rarely used can be stored higher.

Assign A Place For Everything

Tidy up all your bathroom stuff by decluttering and discarding. Then keep everything where it belongs. Setting up a spot for each of your favorite things will help you stay organized for a long time.

Assigning a spot for everything will not only organize your bathroom but keep it neat for a long time.

If you don’t have a place for it, you shouldn’t keep it.

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Use Storage Boxes

Storage boxes help keep things mess-free. They are one of the best bathroom organization solutions that help you sort things and keep them away from falling or getting wet.

Once you have separated the bathroom essentials as per category and designated a spot for everything, store them in storage boxes and label them for easy access for everyone in the family.

Store Under The Sink

You will find extra space underneath the bathroom sink. Make use of it by adding a shelf or a drawer to make more space for your bathroom essentials. You can organize bathroom drawers efficiently with drawer organizers to make them look more organized. It will also help you save drawer space.

If you have a pedestal sink, you can use rolling carts and tuck them away next to the sink for even more storage.

Another way to use the under-sink space is to store bathroom cleaning supplies. You can use a two-tiered organizer to stack all the cleaning supplies and tools in under-sink bathroom cabinets. Don’t forget about cabinet doors. Hang a towel bar or add hooks and organizers on the back of the doors for smaller things.

Make Use Of The Space Above The Sink

The tiny space above the bathroom sink can help you with mini storage. Put a floating shelf above the sink, right below eye level, to keep bathroom essentials like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and handwash there for easy access.

This will also keep things off bathroom countertops and the sink area uncluttered. Many bathrooms have medicine cabinets which are great hidden storage compartments for small things like medicines, band-aids, and toothbrushes.

Consider utilizing the vertical storage above the sink with a shelf and storing less used items or backups to the things you use daily.

Utilize The Vertical Space Above The Toilet

So much space can be used for storage vertically. You can use the space above the toilet to create a vertical shelf.

Utilizing this extra space can maximize your bathroom storage without much effort. You can store extra toilet paper, cleaners, and bathroom essentials on the upright shelf above the toilet. They even have organizers with a hanging towel rack if your space lacks a place to hang a towel.

Make Use Of Baskets And Bins

Baskets and bins are saviors for organizations, including a small bathroom. The best way to organize your laundry, towels, makeup, jewelry, accessories, skincare, and cleaning products is with baskets.

Storage baskets and bins are excellent for keeping items on hand while hiding them out of sight and keeping your room tidy.

Stack Towels Below The Sink

You can get ample space below the sink. Add some baskets or a shelf underneath the sink to stack towels and washcloths. Ensure the sink has no leaks, or your pretty towels can get soaked.

Use Mirror With Built-in Shelves

Mirrors are an integral part of a bathroom. Mirrors don’t occupy a considerable space, so they can help you make room for storage. The mirror cabinet doesn’t need to contain everything on the planet; it should have only small things that are of everyday use and should always be handy.

You can get a mirror with built-in shelves (or medicine cabinet) to store small items like toothpaste, toothbrush, and face and body lotions.

The back of the mirror is a great place to add a magnetic strip for bobby pins and hair clips.

Floating Storage Shelves

Your bathroom design can be significantly optimized with open shelving. Because bathrooms typically don’t have huge space, floating shelves can make a small bathroom appear larger and help utilize wasted wall space.

Floating shelves are a great way to keep a small bathroom organized and decluttered. Install them above the countertop to maximize counter space. You can store several things on floating open shelves, including soap, toothbrushes, and makeup brushes.

Mason jars work great for small things like cotton swabs or cotton balls. IKEA spice racks on the bathroom wall also work great for storing hair products!

Add Hooks

It’s nice to keep horizontal vanity spaces free by hanging accessories and linens from hooks. As well as adding a little aesthetic appeal to your walls, they ensure your bathroom towels are dry when you need them.

Use A Turntable

For easier access to the back of the cabinet, use a lazy susan in the bathroom. The spinning turntable is the savior for every organizer, and it will help you sort and organize your collection of jars and bottles.

Use Wall Mounted Baskets

You can install a wall-mounted basket or rack to hold the bathroom accessories. These racks should be installed a bit away from the shower area so they don’t get wet. You can maximize the bathroom space by utilizing the blank verticle walls and installing wall-mounted racks.

Use Clear Containers

Clear containers help us know what they contain. You don’t have to label them because you can easily see what’s in them. Clear stackable containers are easy to stack and are readily accessible whenever you need them.

Place the containers on shelves, under the sink, or inside the closet; all your content remains uncluttered and easy to find. These clear containers come in all shapes and sizes. They work great for everything from first aid to hair ties.

Use Shower Caddies

Shower caddies can help you save space and use every corner of a small bathroom. Shower caddies can be placed at the corner of your shower area or hung off your shower head. You can keep all your bath needs in one place and grab them quickly.

Back-Of-The-Door Storage

Bathroom back doors provide the best storage space for storing all your bathroom essentials while keeping the little space clutter-free. You get a spacious place to hang your bathroom stuff vertically. Back-of-the-door storage helps maximize the bathroom space and incorporates additional bathroom essentials for you.

A shoe organizer works so well for all the little things that need to be organized in a bathroom. There are also baskets, hooks, and towel bars for the back of the door. All perfect for managing things in a small bathroom.

What Is The Best Way To Organize A Bathroom Linen Closet?

If you’re lucky enough to have a small closet in your small bathroom, keeping it tidy can be a challenge. Here are some closet organization ideas to make the most of your bathroom closet:

  • Empty the closet before rearranging it.
  • Clean the cabinet with an all-purpose cleaner.
  • Keep the closet open for a while to ensure the shelves are dry.
  • Discard the unwanted items and arrange the cabinet with the things you need.
  • Organize all the stuff in categories.
  • Store bulky items on the lower shelves to avoid accidental falls and damage.
  • Keep purging the closet regularly to get rid of unwanted stuff.

Small Bathroom Organization Hacks

As we learn more about home and organization, understanding the importance of every corner of the house, including the bathroom, becomes essential. If you have a tiny bathroom that needs a makeover, check these small bathroom organization hacks to save time and make the tiniest bathroom look beautiful and organized.

  • Don’t collect clutter
  • Always discard unwanted items from the bathroom
  • Install narrow and tall shelves to save space
  • Make it a habit to put things back in their designated place after every use
  • Don’t overdo the storage area. More clutter causes a messier appearance.
  • Discard expired products (or better, always use them before they expire)

Final Thoughts On How To Organize A Small Bathroom

One of the most challenging things to do is to maintain a small bathroom’s cleanliness and organization. The first task is to properly organize a disorganized bathroom by clearing everything and putting everything in its appropriate place. You may find a lot of room to store things with a little imagination.

Having a small space can make things challenging. Still, when you plan it thoughtfully, you get a small bathroom that looks great, functions well, and makes you happy in your home.

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