11 Super Fun Ways To Organize A Closet by Color

Looking to get your bedroom closet organized once and for all? You spend good money on clothes, and the last thing you want is for them to get wrinkled or lost. When you organize a closet by color, it can also save time when you’re getting dressed in the morning. You’ll know exactly where everything is, so you can quickly find what you need and head out the door. 

When you live in a small space, you must make the best of your clothing storage.

Whether you have a small closet or a large walk-in closet, there are easy ways to find everything you own. Deciding what type of closet system you want, whether a professional system or a DIY setup that spans the entire closet, having enough space for everything is essential to the organization process. Consider using the same technique with your shoe collection.

Clean and Prepare

Clearing your closet should be the first thing in organizing your closet by color. That’s a crucial step in the procedure. Set aside any clothing you can get rid of or sell online, decide what you want to keep, and determine what you can reuse. 

Pro tip: Position yourself for success in the long run by decluttering today.

Organizing your clothing pieces is unique to your style. Most professional closet organizers advise categorizing it first because it makes it easier to put outfits together and more manageable. However, the best closet organization ideas will suit your way of life.

You can achieve a color-coordinated closet by using various methods, so it is best to consider them all and decide which one suits you the most. This process will get you one step closer to your dream closet.

Organize Into Separate Piles

It’s time to start organizing your clothes. Sort your items into different piles of clothes by looking through your closet first. After going through the items in drawers and shelves, proceed to the things you hang up first. Organize them into separate piles:

  • Favorite Pile: Put your favorite and frequently worn items in this pile. These are the items you wear regularly.
  • Try-On Pile: Put your favorite items in this pile if you have not worn them in a while and aren’t sure how they’ll fit.
  • Purge Pile: Put anything you have not worn in the past year in this pile. If you haven’t worn it in a long time, get rid of it. As Marie Kondo would say, let it go if it doesn’t bring you joy.
  • Think About it Pile: This pile is for clothing you don’t think you will wear but still don’t want to get rid of.

In addition, sort your seasonal items like winter and summer categories. If you’re doing this in the fall, pack your summer attire, such as tank tops, swimsuits, shorts, and sundresses.

Store items you will not touch until spring, and keep your winter clothing, such as pants, coats, heavy sweaters, and long sleeves, in the front of your closet where they are easily accessible.

Focus On Hangers

Organizing your hangers is the first step in color-coordinating your closet. Too many hanger styles you randomly arrange in different colors distract you.

Because you want your clothes to be the focal point of your closet and not the mismatched hangers holding them up, get rid of your clashing hangers. It will be easier to have a color-coded closet once you have planned and decided how you will arrange the hangers.

Select a hanger with a general style for everything to give your closet a seamless, unified appearance. While some professional organizers swear by non-slip velvet hangers that save closet space, others favor clear acrylic models that are unobtrusive and maintain attention on the clothing.

As an alternative, you can use various colored hangers for each type of clothing. For example, use white hangers for tank tops and black hangers for short sleeve shirts. That could function as a visual labeling system and is ideal for those who do not categorize their clothing.

Utilize Dividers

Dividers are the best way to separate sections in your closet. The aisles of any department store utilize dividers as tags indicating the different sections. Doing the same in your closet is essential for establishing and maintaining an organized closet that allows your clothes to have their sections. 

Whatever way you structure your threads, make sure to give each section a distinctive feature that clarifies what it is. Additionally, dividers are simple to DIY with labels and craft paper. These straightforward additions will develop into an easy-to-follow road plan to achieve a clean slate and an organized closet.

Organize by Category

A straightforward method for keeping your wardrobe organized and the simplest way to organize by color is to organize it by category. Sort your clothes into categories, such as slacks, tank tops, skirts, long sleeve shirts, etc.

Then, arrange the categories according to colors. You can split up the categories, but the colors are set, so it will still look neat. Even if your closet contains a variety of colors, using a divider will make it attractive. 

Additionally, categorizing your clothing will make it easier to choose an outfit. 

Pro Tip: Consider a fabric laundry bag for dry cleaning.

Organize By Sleeve Length

Even though category and color are essential when organizing clothes, the sleeve length will determine how neat and organized your closet is.

Sorting by sleeve length will make your wardrobe appear neater than having long and short sleeves together, which can give your closet the appearance of being disorganized. Choosing the right top to fit the weather or the occasion you’re dressing for is much more straightforward.

If you need a tank top, go to that section of your closet, and you’ll have all your options. Consider also the length of the clothing. Add shorter items to the left and longer items like dresses to the right.

Organize The Closet From Dark To Light

The dark-to-light method is one of the favorite and easiest ways to organize your closet by color. You should hang the darkest colors on one side and the lightest shades on the other. You can arrange each pile from dark to light if your clothing is stacked on a shelf. Each stack will have space in the closet, which you can organize from dark to light colors. 

In addition, it’s important to choose a simple color scheme for your plastic bin and organizers.

Even if you love color, it is best to keep your storage options — such as bins, baskets, and even shoe racks — neutral colors because excess colors and dark colors can make a room feel smaller. However, you can still organize them within your walk-in closet from dark to light.

Organize By Rainbow Colors

Suppose you’re thinking about color-coordinating your closet. In that case, it is crucial to understand the ROYGBIV rule, which calls for organizing your clothing into the primary color categories of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet while also including neutrals like gray, black, white, and brown.

Professional organizers frequently prefer the traditional rainbow color scheme, also known as ROYGBIV, which provides the best color contrast and makes it simpler to distinguish your garments when you are in a hurry.

Retailers use this acronym to arrange their clothing in stores in the most enticing way possible. It is a smart option to color-organize within each different type of clothing division for an accessible, well-curated closet.

Although there are many different ways to organize by color, The Home Edit from Netflix loves to organize this way. There’s something about the rainbow color organization that makes people happy.

Our brain naturally recognizes this color order pattern because of the rainbow approach of closet organization, which also happens to be highly aesthetically beautiful.

If you’re going this route, you’ll need to decide where to place your neutral-colored clothes, such as black and white. Placing them towards the end of the closet can be the best place.

However, you can also put them on the left side of your closet, which won’t disrupt the rainbow scheme you initially want to achieve. This will still work if your closet consists of pastel or bright colors.

Sort Your Colors Using Those You Consider Dominant

Organizing a closet by color may be easier if your clothes are mostly plain and single-colored. But how about printed clothes or those that have different color designs? Identify the item’s dominant color if it has many colors.

It works best to choose the color that you believe to be prominent in a piece of patterned apparel before arranging it with other items in that color category.

Even better, separate your patterned items into their section so that you may organize your wardrobe not only by color but also by solids and patterns.

Consider Color-Blocking Categories

Simply grouping your clothing into color blocks is a less common but effective solution. Put everything blue in one section, including all shirts, blouses, slacks, tops, etc., rather than first sorting them by kind.

While this may result in a neat-looking closet, organizing your outfit for the day might be more complex than color harmonizing within the type. This also works if you have shelf space to stack your sweaters, jeans, or t-shirts. Putting them in rainbow order is a great way to find them quickly.

Don’t Forget The Accessories

You can apply the same techniques to shoes, handbags, scarves, and even hair accessories if you’re a micro-manager. Organizing these items in acrylic bins, dust covers, or hooks by color will add the finishing touches to your dream closet and keep the aesthetics uniform.

Final Thoughts On Organizing A Closet By Color

Organization is the key to living in a small space. We must take advantage of every inch to maximize our area. Rarely is there extra space in a small home. Organizing your closet is the perfect opportunity to decide what’s most important and eliminate the things that aren’t a great idea for your season of life.

Start organizing your clothes by color today and see how much easier it makes getting dressed in the morning. Not only will you save time, but you’ll also keep your clothes looking their best. With just a little effort, you can have a beautifully organized closet that will make getting ready each day a breeze.

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