17 Brilliant Kid’s Clothes Storage Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

You don’t have to live with clutter anymore. These storage ideas will help you organize your kid’s clothes in a way that makes sense for your home and your family. Plus, they’re fun and easy to follow.

The closet is likely the primary place where you store your child’s clothing. But clothes aren’t all you’re keeping in there. Toys, games, craft supplies, and sports equipment might also need to live there. So if their closet is small, you may want to consider other options for storing their clothes. Here are some ideas for storing kid’s clothes:

Storing in Your Child’s Closet Closet

Closets are the most popular area to store children’s clothing. However, they always have a lot of stuff, so organization is a priority (and really should be the first step). Here are a few closet organization ideas to keep your baby outfit and child’s clothes neat.

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1 Open Closet

Easy access is the priority when storing your child’s clothes in their closet. An open closet allows your child to see all the options and quickly choose what they want to wear.

By removing the doors, you also have fewer chances of forgetting about things and only rediscovering them during your monthly cleaning sessions. Adding space for hanging clothes is necessary for those plastic or wooden hangers.

Because infants grow so fast, there are normally multiple sizes of tiny baby clothes in their nursery closet at one time. Baby closet dividers work well for organizing by size. Don’t forget to create a place for dirty clothes.

2 Monday Thru Friday Organizer

These simple hanging shelves help organize children’s clothes and offer independence for your little one. Add the entire outfit in each day of the week to make getting dressed faster and easier in the mornings.

3 Cube Storage

A small closet has more space than you might think when you use the power of cube shelves. Stackable cubes are a great way to add more storage without too much space. You can find these at stores like Walmart and Target or online in different sizes, colors, and patterns, so you can rest assured you’ll find the perfect fit for and style for their closet.

4 Hanging Organizers

You can fold t-shirts, but you shouldn’t fold some clothes, such as slacks, dresses, and suits. If you have these nice clothes for your children, store them properly the right way, most likely by hanging them up.

There are several ways to maximize your hanging space, from hooks on the closet door to space-saving hangers that can carry several clothes at once. Here’s an opportunity to introduce your kids to an organizing system, such as color-coding or sorting by type of clothing. 

There are also hanging organizers that hook to the door and have inserts for several pairs of shoes to maximize even more space. 

5 Closet System Organizer Kit

Most big box stores sell closet organizer kits. These come with all the pieces you need to fit a closet for a fraction of the cost of a professional organizer. Stores like The Container Store also allow you to purchase the different elements in order to customize your space.

6 Pegboard

If your kid’s room has a small walk-in closet, you can maximize the space by installing a pegboard on the closet wall. This idea is handy if your child has a growing collection of accessories, like backpacks, jackets, or hats.

You can place hooks and baskets on a peg board to display your kid’s belts, bags, and other accessories. Not only is this a great storage solution, but it can also serve as a way to teach your child about organizing their belongings.

Using Under Beds For Storage Space

If you have more than one kid, you know they quickly outgrow clothes. You might already have invested in clothes the next size up, so your older child already has some outfits on standby.

Or saving your child clothes that are still in good shape for their younger sibling under the bed is a smart storage solution. Consider keeping items that your child isn’t ready to wear under your kid’s beds, like miniature dresser drawers, with these five ideas:

7 Rolling Bed Drawer

If you have a younger sibling and an older one sharing a room, beds with big drawers underneath are a great idea.

If you don’t already have these beds and don’t want to invest in new ones, there are several manufacturers of drawers that you can roll right under your kid’s bed. Although the designers may have meant for these products to be used for toys, they offer extra space for keeping clothes.

After all, it’s really up to you to use them because you can decide what to put in the drawers.

8 Plastic Bins

If you want a more affordable solution to use the underside of your kid’s bed, invest in plastic storage bins to keep clothes tidy. Being plastic, you can immediately tell what you place in them.

But, you might still want to label your containers accordingly to avoid any confusion in the future. Keeping bins of baby clothes in good condition for the next child is an excellent way to save money. These plastic, clear bins come in handy.

If you don’t have a place to keep them, consider a plastic bin storage unit of some kind.

9 Big Baskets

Don’t forget about the clothes meant for laundry! As early as you can, teach your kids the value of putting away their clothes in the hamper. Use wide baskets that can easily fit under the bed. If you have more than one kid, designate one basket for each child and make sure to put their name on it.

10 Double Drawers

If your kid’s bed isn’t constructed with drawers, you can build them from old cabinets. Some kids’ beds have drawers already installed, giving you extra space for clothes storage.

Consider switching out seasonal clothes by keeping the off-season in these drawers and the current season in the closet. For example, in the summer, storing shirts with long sleeves would go in here, and short sleeves would go in the closet or a place with easy access for each family member.

11 Shelf Dividers

One way to get the most out of your small closet is by using shelf dividers. You’ll be able to maximize space on existing shelves while making sure baby’s clothes are neatly organized and without stacks falling over each other.

12 Creative Dresser

A dresser is one of the best ways to store children’s clothing but thinking outside of the box could be fun. Consider using other items with drawers instead of the traditional dresser.

A tall toolbox with drawers could work really well. Built-ins with cupboards or drawers would also be an easy way to store clothing items, especially if you’re handy and can create them yourself.

Using the top of the toolbox (or dresser) as a changing table will help maximize space in a small room, leaving you enough space for other things.

13 Wall Shelves

Your kid’s little corner will have a lot of vertical space that can potentially store clothes. Consider installing wall shelves to feature their favorite accessories and clothes. These spaces can also hold books and toys right above their little workstation.

Depending on how large your wall shelves are, you might be able to put some bins on them. So, you can roll up some clothes and store them there. The filled-up bins can also serve as book stoppers.

14 Wire Baskets

If the walls in your kid’s corner are not suited for installing shelves, try hanging simple wire baskets instead! They are perfect for small clothes and can easily hold hair bows, stuffed toys, and books.

Wire baskets are better than shelves because they reduce fall risk. This is because baskets hold things within, unlike shelves. 


If your younger kids have a big room for bookshelves, You can use them for more than just books. Get more storage space by categorizing them. Consider storing the things they use most on the bottom shelves so they can pick out their clothes and get dressed. Here are three ideas to maximize your shelf space:

15 Tall Shelves

Tall shelves are great for your children’s rooms because they can accommodate more storage. Not to mention, they also help make the room look more open and spacious.

When storing kids’ clothes on tall cube shelves, place them on the lower levels, so they’re within your child’s reach. Adding picture labels to each shelf will make it easier for them to put away their laundry.

And you know the chances are better that they will put them in the right place. You can keep the kids’ clothes they haven’t grown into or seasonal clothing on the higher shelves.

16 Organizer Bin Shelves

Bins on your shelves help you organize your kid’s clothes by type. They come in all sizes, and the small bins are perfect for accessories. This way, you can quickly grab whatever you need without searching their entire closet.

You can also use labels or color coordination to make things easier for you and your child—socks in one bin, underwear in another. 

17 Open Space For Shoes

Younger children will also need a shoe organizer apart from a place to get their clothes. Like having open closets, open shelves will give them easy access to their shoes. Place your kid’s shoe shelf near the door so they don’t track any dirt in their room. Pro tip: adding a shoe rack is an easy solution to scattered shoes.

Final Thoughts On Kid’s Clothes Storage Ideas

Organizing your kid’s clothes doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. With these storage ideas, you can easily keep everything in its place while also making getting dressed in the morning a breeze. So try out one of these organization tips for your children’s closet areas today and make life a little easier for yourself and your family.

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