19 Fun And Creative Child’s Book Storage Ideas You Will Love

If you’re a mom, chances are you’re always looking for new ways to keep your house organized. And if you have kids, that means finding creative ways to store all of their stuff—including their books. Whether you’re short on space or just looking for a new way to keep things tidy, check out these 17 child book storage ideas.

Stash Them in Book Bins

If there’s one thing you can always trust, it’s book bins! Whether your child’s room is a pastel wonderland, a space fortress, or a dinosaur jungle, you’ll be able to find DIY book bins that represent their favorite things. Plus, the modular nature of bins makes them easy to rearrange and repurpose as you and your little ones see fit.

As your children grow up, you’ll be able to easily reuse their bins for toy storage, collectibles, clothes, or even just general storage for the home. Depending on their size, they can also be placed on shelves or on the floor, keeping things looking neat and tidy.

Fabric Book Pockets

These cute fabric pockets are a great solution to store your child’s favorite reads and are so much fun, Chose a playful design or neutral colors to match your decor.

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Slip Them Into Old Crib Rails

One of the smartest and thriftiest ways to store children’s books is using their old crib rails. Most parents get rid of their children’s cribs once they outgrow them, but You can repurpose the rails into a unique shelf that will stand out and last for a long time.

First, hang two hooks on the wall, allowing you to hang the crib rail a few inches from the wall.

Second, hang the crib rail on the hooks so the slats of the rail are vertical, just like when the rail was on your child’s crib. You can add brackets to steady the bottom if you’re worried about the rail wiggling or falling.

Finally, slide your child’s books into the gaps between the slats so the page edge of the book rests against the wall, and you’re done! You now have a beautiful and functional way to store your child’s favorite books.

Wooden Book Browser Or Caddy

This wooden book holder makes it easy to flip through the books to find your favorite title yet is aesthetically pleasing and functional. it also has handles so it can easily be transported from one room to another.

Repurpose IKEA Spice Racks

These little IKEA spice racks aren’t only cheap and the perfect size for kids’ books. Their size means you can hang them in a small space without taking up too much room, and their price is an excellent option for organizing without breaking the bank.

Paint or decorate the racks to match your child’s room décor, mount them on the wall, and fill them with books. You can hang a few side-by-side next to a cozy chair in a quiet space to give your children a cozy reading nook of their own.

Display Them With Picture Ledges

There are many clever ways to stash books, but what about ways to show them off? IKEA picture ledges on a wall in your child’s bedroom are long and narrow, perfect for displaying your child’s favorite picture books and those with gorgeous covers.

If you want to fit a lot of books on them, you can layer them with big books in the back and small books in the front. Make sure you mount the ledges where little hands can reach them, though!

Picture ledges are excellent to display books in any room. Plus, they look adorable and can be used to display anything you’d like, like your child’s favorite toys or their latest work of art.

Go Mobile With a Rolling Cart

You can quickly move a rolling cart around, and the shelves are the perfect storage space for books!

Rolling carts are great if you want your child to access their books in different rooms; for example, if you homeschool your older kids, you may want to roll their school books between your at-home classroom and the dining room for study time.

And if you see a pile of books starting to form, they can easily roll the cart over and tidy it up.

Rolling carts also make it easy for young children to put their books away, as the shelves are typically right at eye level.

Recycle a Doll House

Do you have an old doll house that your child no longer plays with? You can easily recycle it into a unique book storage solution!

Place the doll house against a wall and fill it with kids’ books. Perfect for small nurseries or playrooms, a doll house allows you to store books without a new piece of furniture while still looking absolutely adorable.

Hang Book Bags on the Wall

Hanging up book bags is a great storage solution for small spaces since it takes up zero floor space and stays out of the way while being easy to access. Consider hanging the bags at your child’s eye level for easy reach. Plus, all you need is a few bags and some wall hooks.

If you have hooks on your child’s bedroom door, you can hang the bags and use them to hold your children’s favorite bedtime stories.

Just grab the books on your way in, tuck your little one in for the night with a story, and hang the bag back up on the way out. Ensure you don’t let the bags get too heavy for your child to easily lower from the hook.

Keep up With the Times by Going Newsstand-Style

Stylish and functional, newsstand-style storage can keep many books organized in a small space. Like the newsstands you find on the street, this storage style maximizes vertical wall space and displays all of the eye-catching covers.

With everything easy to see, your child will love picking out their books for reading time.

There are a few ways to store books this way. You can hang a few shallow shelves or picture ledges one on top of the other, buy newsstand-style bookshelves, or even hang a wall of clear pockets where you and your child can easily slip books in and out.

Think Outside of the Box

You don’t always have to buy new furniture to store your child’s books — sometimes, a bit of creativity is all you need. If you want to go zero-waste, look around your home for anything you’re not using and try to find a way to repurpose it.

For example, an over-the-door shoe organizer is perfect for holding small board books, and you can use a laundry basket as a makeshift book bin.

Get creative with what you have and make it work for your space! Not only will this save you money, but it’ll reduce your overall waste as a household. Consider a storage basket that might be in the attic or a magazine holder your grandmother might not be using anymore.

Add Book Shelves

Adding bookshelves or bookcases is a great way to store children’s books. Leaning in more of a traditional idea and having a small floor plan footprint, a three to six-foot bookcase is still a great option.

This space could also be used for all the accessories a baby girl or boy might need and can add so much space for toys as well. Make sure age-appropriate books have easy access for your little reader.

Wire Racks

A simple wire rack can be mounted on the wall and used to store books of all shapes and sizes. Just make sure that the rack is mounted at a child-friendly height so that little one can easily reach their favorite titles.

If you don’t want to drill any holes in your walls, consider using a freestanding wire rack. These can easily be moved around as needed, and they offer plenty of storage for an ever-growing book collection.

Cube Shelves and Cubes

These cube shelves are great storage solutions for children’s books. Get organized with a favorite of all storage hacks.

Place those piles of books right into a cloth cube and hide those paper award-winning books from the mischievous little baby brother who seems to want to eat all the best titles.

A Box And A Book Crate

Book crates are a great way to store books of all sizes and fun addition to your home. You could even keep one of these crates in your living room for impromptu story time.

You can use them to create a makeshift bookcase, or fill them with books and stack them up against a wall. Just make sure that the crates are sturdy enough to hold all of your kids’ books.

Reading Nook Bookcase

A reading nook is a perfect spot for your child to cozy up with a good book. And if you build in some storage, it can double as a place to store all of your child’s favorite reads.

Just add some shelves or baskets to hold books, and you’re all set.

Utilize Built In Storage

By taking out the sheetrock between the wall 2 x 4’s, you can create shallow built-ins without taking up coveted floor space.

A great DIY project for the semi-handy will create a space for the love of books. A makeshift window seat with storage under it could also be your child’s favorite place to read a good book.

Acrylic Wall Magazine Holder

Think of the magazine holders on the wall in your dentist’s office. This storage solution would be awesome to display the prettiest books up higher so little kids can’t misuse them.

The sleek design will bring more attention to the colorful covers and still provide storage.

Wire Over The Door Organizers

These over-the-door organizers are a great way to store books, especially if you don’t have a lot of floor space. Just hang it on the back of a door and fill it with your child’s favorite books.

You can even spray paint the baskets to help your child know where to find certain types of books. As an added bonus, these organizers are often very budget-friendly.

Final Thoughts On Child Book Storage Ideas

No matter what kind of space you’re working with, there’s a child book storage solution that will work for you.

By getting creative and thinking outside the box, you can find a way to keep your child’s books organized and within reach—without taking up too much space.

So take some time to explore clever book storage ideas and find the perfect solution for your family’s needs.

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