Welcome friends!

22 years later, we’re still renovating this place!

It’s been an amazing journey with ups and downs. There have been some serious challenges too. But like any good love story, there is always another chapter…

Oh, hi, I’m Sara!

and It’s my honor to help you learn to love your home

22 years ago we bought a small 1,000 square foot house with two bedrooms and one bath. Our boys were 1 and 3. It had a lot of potential and we could see it right away. So for $60,000, we bought this sweet little fixer-upper and lived in these 1,000 feet for almost 10 years until we could afford to renovate the upstairs fully.

We had more time than money.   

So my husband and I did the renovations ourselves. We saved up and did it all little by little. Then we used our tax return to do a little more. We did not want to go into debt to renovate.

When we bought it, we knew we could transform this house into our dream home, and we knew it wouldn’t be overnight.

We learned to love this little home as it was

Love where you are. Find the things you like about your home rather than focusing on what you don’t. Improvements will come.

Let me help you to:

Keep your space clean and organized, find storage solutions that work in a small space, and, most importantly, create an environment in which you feel safe and comfortable.